Thank You Denny.....

We were all very shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Highway Department Employee, Denny Hughes earlier this week.  No one exemplified the compassionate and hard working nature of Holderness Town Employees more than Denny.  In his  twenty years at the Highway Department, Denny worked tirelessly with his fellow employees to keep our roads safe.  He spent countless winter nights plowing roads and long summer days repairing and improving those same roads so we could all get to wherever we were going without incident.  He took his responsibilities seriously and always took great pride in his work.  This was all, no doubt, due to his deep family ties to the community as well as his strong work ethic and character.

You rarely saw Denny without a smile on his face and that is how we should best remember him.  We will all miss him and all he brought to our Town, but if we keep his memory alive, he will never truly be gone.  We extend our deepest condolences to his son, Trevor and his other family members.

There will be a graveside service on Tuesday, August 23rd at 11AM in the Trinity Cemetery.  If you should see the procession of Town Vehicles along Route 3 and 175 on Tuesday morning, please waive hello and thank Denny for his service to the Town of Holderness.