Town Administrator

The Board of Selectmen hires a Town Administrator to coordinate the administrative functions of their office, as directed by the majority vote of the Selectmen. All Department Heads report directly to the Administrator, except for the Fire Chief who serves under our elected Fire Wards. The Town Administrator assists the Selectmen in carrying out their duties. Some of his/her responsibilities include:

  • Attending all meetings of the Selectmen and carrying out their assignments. He organizes each meeting agenda, reviews the preparation of minutes of the meetings, and reports on progress on various projects and priorities as assigned by the Selectmen
  • Prepares the Municipal Budget which ultimately is adopted by the Selectmen, who is turn recommends adoption of the Budget at the annual March Town Meeting
  • Manages the expenditures of the Town within the parameters of the adopted Municipal Budget
  • Represents the Selectmen whenever they are not present, and monitors the activities of Committees appointed by the Selectmen, assisting these advisory committees on projects
  • Answers public inquiries, responds to requests, coordinates many administrative tasks within the Town Office
  • Seeks daily to assist and manage the functions of the Town in an efficient and prudent manner

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Michael Capone Town Administrator
Amy Sharpe Administrative Assistant